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Reference rules of procedure

In a bilateral contact with a development aid agency we learnt that some governments struggle to find a consensus amongst ministries or departments, and this in particular when regulating. If your government is in such a situation, you might wish to check whether the establishment or the amendment of rules of procedure could help. We recommend as a reference the Rules of Procedure of the Czech Republic and the supplementing rules for the Government’s Legislative Council available here.

The downside of requiring justifying data

Requesting data as justification for new legislation is useful, but has an important downside. Requesting justifying data can delay or render impossible the new legislation. It can also be extremely costly, bind too much manpower, increase the influence of lobby groups and reduce the choices of political decision-makers. In a view of this downside, it is preferable to establish a pragmatic case-by-case approach that takes account of the situation of the sector in the respective jurisdiction. Continue reading The downside of requiring justifying data