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The Regulatory Institute is a non-profit think tank that took over in 2016 the howtoregulate blog founded by Manfred Kohler, a regulatory expert with over 25 years’ experience working in different state administrations and international organisations. 

Our mission is to improve regulation globally so that regulations benefit us all. We do this through research into good lawmaking and regulatory techniques, and pro bono consultancy to parliament, government, administrations, regional organisations and NGOs.

For many years Mr Kohler trained colleagues in the European Commission, coming from 28 countries, on regulatory techniques and the method of law-making. He realised there was no organisation that shared regulatory techniques or training materials via an accessible format, and so developed his own.

We conduct independent and collaborative research, organise seminars and conferences, undertake projects on specific issues, and publish relevant material. The logic and research that underpins the Regulatory Institute’s method is outlined in the Handbook: “How to Regulate?”, written by Mr Kohler in 2014.  He also publishes some articles in his own name and in his private capacity for howtoregulate.org, complementing the articles written by the Regulatory Institute.

Since the beginning of 2019, the research blog howtoregulate.org has been managed by the Regulatory Institute ASBL, Brussels, and Lisbon. It is registered as an association in Belgium under registration number BCE-718994880.

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