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This article presents the current and future activities of is looking for partners. makes three offers:

– The Handbook “How to regulate?” which is available in English and French. This is the stable element of No revision is foreseen for the time being.

– Short articles on generic topics which are relevant for regulators.

– Reference regulation. Reference regulation is presented at two levels: The directory and articles on specific topics like medicines or drones. For the directory, we have so far published a pre-version of the entire directory and the first part of the first edition of the directory, mainly dealing with natural resources, energy and climate change. Further parts will follow the order outlined in the pre-version of the directory. Thus the next part will deal with “Environmental protection and disasters”. Once we have published the entire directory, we will draft more articles on specific topics. These articles will be similar to the ones on medicines and drones. If you are interested in a specific topic, please let us know. We might be able to respond to your specific interests by changing the order of topics that we address.

In terms of organisational development, will look in 2016 for institutional partners (institutes, think tanks, foundations, administrations) in a view of cooperation or even take-over of our work by these institutional partners. We could imagine that the same work could be done in a more professional way if integrated into a strong institution. Suggestions regarding cooperation or take-over are welcome.

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