Pro Bono Services

Making and influencing regulation can be tough. Many organisations, be they government or non-government, lack the time, money, and expertise to effectively lobby for regulatory change, even when regulatory change is critical to their mission. Our team of experts in regulatory methodology is available to work pro bono on your behalf, to effectively design or influence regulation, and to free up your time for other priorities.

This free consultancy service, pro bono, is a new offering from the Regulatory Institute.

Submission Writing (~40 hours)

We write a submission to the government about how to amend a regulation in support of your mission, with options and specific examples. This will involve regulatory research about best practice regulation in other jurisdictions and examining how the regulation operates currently in your jurisdiction.

Submission Review (~5-10 hours)

We review your existing written work before it is submitted to the government to strengthen the regulatory aspects. We provide specific examples of what to amend in the regulation and the pathway for amendment, to reduce the work for the government to implement this, and to increase the chances of take-up.

Strategic Advice to Change Regulation (~5-10 hours)

We review your mission, goals and resources, the regulation in the sector, and the jurisdiction(s) this applies to. We research best practice regulation in other jurisdictions, provide various options for regulatory change and assessment for success.

Drafting Regulation for Government (~100 hours)

For policy areas where no regulation exists, we produce a draft regulation that could easily be adopted by the government, around which you can build a campaign. We would review any related regulation to the proposed regulation, and conduct regulatory research to determine the best practices of other jurisdictions and sectors.

Regulatory Research (~5-10 hours)

We conduct regulatory research into best practice regulation from many jurisdictions around the world in the sector or related sectors of interest to your mission.