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Model Law: Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobacco Products

Model laws have existed since the 19th century. They mostly aim to impose or provide suggestions for particular content of law and thus to harmonise laws. Most model laws pre-empt choices. Model laws of the Regulatory Institute are different. The purpose of the model laws elaborated by the Regulatory Institute are to facilitate the tasks of regulatory practitioners, be they working for administrations or parliaments, to improve the quality of laws by triggering more conscious choices. The model laws of the Regulatory Institute should serve as inspiration, as a toolbox, checklist, raw material or a basis for the development of an adapted law and optimised as such. The model laws are not intended to be used exactly as they are drafted. They try to point to important decisions to be taken by the regulatory practitioners without pre-empting respective choices. Often they present choices, either as alternatives, or add-on modules that can be kept or deleted. Continue reading Model Law: Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobacco Products