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Patented medicines: how to determine and curb prices?

Profit from sales of medicines is incentivizing pharma companies to further invest in research and innovation, which is undoubtedly in the public interest. Profit is evidently linked to prices. Prices of patented medicines are exponentially rising around the world. As a result, there is an increase in public expenditure and the diminution of access to medicines across all income groups of countries. Hence there is a conflict between two public interests: innovation on one hand and affordability on the other.

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Reference legislation on medicines

Regulators who wish to develop or amend regulation for their respective jurisdiction might wish not to start from scratch, but to learn from other jurisdictions. Therefore we present here some legislation on medicines / pharmaceuticals / drugs of different jurisdictions as models. The models have different degrees of complexity. We start with rather simple models and go up to the quite complex models. Continue reading Reference legislation on medicines