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Model law on cross-border internet activities and virtual worlds

This model law boldly aims to regulate cross-border internet activities comprehensively, covering most their facets, including up to the level of complexity if “virtual worlds”. Our model law contains comprehensive lists of obligations for all actors from which legislators are invited to choose as appropriate. The model law also creates manifold interfaces with the national legal order into which it is to be embedded. Lastly, our model law establishes a system in which actors control each other as as to complement and even partly replace the work of enforcement authorities. Continue reading Model law on cross-border internet activities and virtual worlds

Regulating Cross Border Services

In today’s globalised world, where markets are increasingly borderless, how does the domestic regulator enforce national objectives in consumer protection, professional standards, taxes and competition? Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to enforce these objectives within the border, imagine across borders, where the language and legal systems are different and, most importantly, there is no own state power of the jurisdiction setting up requirements. Cross-border product enforcement has matured in recent years in line with consumer demand for quality and stricter enforcement through customs and sometimes even postal services. Requirements for cross-border services, however, have been more difficult to enforce due to the variety of channels that services consumers and businesses currently use, particularly digital services. This howtoregulate article focuses on how the regulation of cross-border services could be better enforced so that compliance with service requirements by traders outside of the jurisdiction are similar, or at least not too dissimilar, to those within the regulator’s jurisdiction. Continue reading Regulating Cross Border Services