Regulations Campaigner for the Regulatory Institute

The Regulatory Institute seeks candidates to fulfil the role of Regulations Campaigner for a new project to effect regulatory change in the tobacco and/or alcohol sector so that healthy life years of citizens can be improved. We are a start-up non-profit organisation focussed on researching and promoting good law-making and regulatory techniques. This new project is global in nature but with campaign actions in a country/ies to be selected depending on the language credentials of the successful candidate. The focus is to work with allies in effecting regulatory change.

Regulation we see today is of poor quality when compared against how good it could be if the best regulatory techniques of all jurisdictions and for all topics had been in the law-makersʼ toolbox. For reasons such as poor training, insufficient funding, limited human resources and simply having a big agenda, law-makers today do not have a well equipped toolbox. This is why the Regulatory Institute exists because we believe that regulation worldwide can be easily improved.

We are looking for a Regulations Campaigner with bold ideas looking to make an impact in the regulatory world! The Regulations Campaigner will work with the Manager of the Regulatory Institute, who is based in Portugal and will work remotely. The role is part-time, ongoing until the delivery of the products outlined below.

Functions of the Campaigner

  • Identify allies working towards tobacco and/or alcohol regulatory change and develop links between them and the Regulatory Institute so that we may work together to effect legislative change in countries seeking to align regulation of the tobacco and/or alcohol sector with healthy life years of their population.

  • Monitor the regulatory processes related to the tobacco and/or alcohol sector, with the view to participating in any consultation processes or finding contacts in order to share our research articles on tobacco and/or alcohol.

  • Propose new campaign strategies, including any creative actions (fact sheets, presentations, advocacy materials) or communication campaigns (letters, emails) that will assist with the objective to effect change of tobacco and/or alcohol regulation aligning with healthy life years.

  • Ensure regular communications and updates on Regulatory Institute initiatives with the allies.

Activities to be developed

  • Map and establish links with non-governmental organisations, and other possible allies (eg. regulatory actors in parliament, the executive or the public administration), related to effecting tobacco/alcohol regulatory change.

  • To follow the regulatory evolution of tobacco and/or alcohol sectors in the countries to be selected.

  • Construction of a map of regulatory actors in the countries to be selected, which will allow the Regulatory Institute to have a more efficient impact in effecting regulatory change.

Desired Skills and Experiences

The successful candidate will have the following professional profile:

  • Education: political science, law, sociology
  • Young professional, with initiative, desire to learn, and with an understanding of the power of regulation to improve our lives
  • Experience of involvement in local initiatives and/or experience with not-for-profit organisations
  • Good knowledge of how laws are made in the country to be selected and the regulation-making process
  • Experience in activities linked to the implementation of legal and advocacy strategies
  • Experience in the use of social networks and online work tools.
  • Good practice of English, and the language/s of the country/ies to be selected

Location, Duration and Remuneration

The role is expected to be completed remotely, however, if a candidate is in Portugal arrangements could be made to meet consistent with public health restrictions. The duration is ongoing until the products outlined above have been delivered. The role is part-time with a set number of hours to be negotiated with the successful candidate.  If you can imagine only working with us for remuneration please tell us your expectations in the covering letter. Remuneration is dependant on experience and qualifications of the successful candidate.

How to apply

Please email valerie.thomas[@] your two-page covering letter addressing the above criteria and include a maximum two-page CV of your work experience and education. Application deadline is 19 February 2021 with an expected start date of 01 March. For more details visit Idealist.

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