About us / Regulatory Institute

The purpose of Howtoregulate.org is to address current questions of regulatory practice and to promote knowledge dissemination regarding:

  • the method of law-making / legislating or regulating in general,
  • legislative and other regulatory techniques.

Furthermore, Howtoregulate.org presents reference regulation for many regulatory sectors.

Since the end of 2016, Howtoregulate.org has been managed by the Regulatory Institute, Brussels and Lisbon. The Regulatory Institute financially and organisationally independent from any institutions. It is privately funded. Still in its start-up phase, the Regulatory Institute provides currently only one service to parliaments and administrations: commenting on draft regulation in order to identify possibilities for improvement. The Regulatory Institute has so far given input to regulators in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. With its second place of business, Lisbon, its activities will be extended to South and Central America in 2018.  Starting from 2018, the Regulatory Institute will also provide training. If you are interested in these services or if you wish to contact the Regulatory Institute for another purpose, please write to “RegInst” followed by “@” followed by “posteo.net”.

Howtoregulate.org had been created in 2015 by (Mr) Manfred Kohler, a passionate of regulatory techniques. Since 1989, he has been working for three administrations in two nation states (at the local level and in a national ministry), for a national and an international NGO, for two institutions of the European Union and for two institutions of the United Nations. Throughout his professional activity in the field of regulation, he has strengthened more than 200 regulatory acts. From 2010 to 2014, he trained, on the basis of the predecessor of the handbook presented here, more than 300 European Union officials who were working in many different policy fields (products and services, internet, transport, energy, climate change, environment, health, food, etc.). Thereafter he transferred his knowledge to the persons working for the Regulatory Institute. Whilst not providing any service via the Regulatory Institute, he enjoys providing advice to his colleagues working like him for the European Commission.

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